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FAIVE Recognition of Skills and Experience

The process of recognition can be prepared ahead of and during the voluntary service. Its aim is to help the individual express and make better use of his experience to further his career and, by extension, to improve his recognition in both his personal and professional life.

Today, the strategies and practices of voluntary international solidarity commitments in France have at heart : 

  • those social, human, professional and educational (citizenship) added values that are not well recognised within society,
  • the promotion of those forms of citizen’s commitment presently confined to restricted circles (NGOs, associations, etc.),
  • institutional recognition with public decision makers (the State, local and regional authorities, universities, professional training organisms, etc.) – recognition that may not even exists in the private sector (company HR departments, etc.),
  • difficulties in transforming and formalising the professional abilities acquired into skills recognised by the higher education system and the world of work,
  • difficulties in applying real support strategies for professional re-insertion – unlike other, especially Anglo-Saxon, countries.

This acknowledgement of acquired skills involves recognising VIES experience :

  • individually and collectively
  • personally and professionally

The FAIVE is the Forum des Acteurs et des Initiatives de Valorisation des Engagements de VIES (Forum for those involved in recognising international voluntary service), created in 2011 by France Volontaires. Its aim is to become an organ for the exchange of practices and for producing knowledge about the recognition of voluntary international solidarity commitments Sign up to take part in the Forum !

Le FAIVE, c’est

  • [Action : a twice-yearly appeal for initiatives->Agir-les-appels-a-initiatives-du]
  • [Exchanging and sharing :->] an annual themed workshop event is the occasion to meet other participants and exchange practical information with them (link to the exchange and share page) It’s also a virtual forum, a place where specialists can exchange their experience.

Forum participants

  • Voluntary and international solidarity associations
  • University researchers and teachers
  • Initiative contributors