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Whether you are a professional in the sector ready to offer your skills or simply interested in raising awareness of public health issues or listening to patients, it is possible to get involved in the health sector through international exchange and solidarity volunteering.

Volunteering and health

Health and Well-being, a preferred area of action for volunteers

Doctors, nurses, ophthalmologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, specialists in motor skills or in the management of disability, and many other vocations: all the health professions are represented in skills volunteering.

In addition to providing direct care, you can also work in the field of health without necessarily having in-depth knowledge of the subject. Health awareness and/or prevention initiatives, which have proven particularly useful during the Covid era, are also possible through more exchange and discovery-based schemes, such as civic service.

The missions entrusted to us enable us to welcome and listen to patients, to develop recreational and cultural activities, but also to raise public awareness of the risks of addiction (drugs, alcohol, screens, etc.). Some volunteers are also deployed in health centres or hospitals to ensure they operate smoothly.

They all agree on the purpose of their undertaking which is to help ensure that everyone is in: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

A few figures

11% of VSIs (volontaires de solidarité internationale/international solidarity volunteers) in 2021 were recruited in the field of Health.


Support for projects and programmes run by France Volontaires members

Project One Health

Adrien is involved with GRET in the One Health Project. Sent to Guinea, he works to promote new practices to protect the environment, animal populations and human health.

Support for projects and programmes run by France Volontaires members

The Fabre Foundation and health

The Pierre Fabre Foundation regularly recruits international exchange and solidarity volunteers to support its health programmes, particularly in the context of access to healthcare for vulnerable populations.