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The preservation of our environment is one of the priorities of France Volontaires, its members and partners. In the face of the climate crises, the urgency requires action for a comprehensive and inclusive ecological transition. Volunteers play a role in the fight against climate change and in building a sustainable and resilient future for all of us collectively.

Volunteering and the environment

Volunteers committed to environmental conservation

In the light of climate change, which affects human activities and lives, biodiversity and natural resources, the adaptation of regions and the planet remains a major challenge that requires national and international mobilisation.

Mobilising citizens’ desire to act for the environment

In order for citizen involvement to have a greater impact on the response to the climate and health emergency, France Volontaires, its members and partners create bridges between climate policies and youth policies and carry out concrete projects in the field, placing populations at the heart of thought and actions.

They develop quality partnerships and missions for the resilience of vulnerable communities and ecosystems. International volunteers are recruited by various organisations on missions related to the protection of biodiversity, the preservation of natural habitats, the development of renewable energies, agro-ecology, waste management, issues related to access to water and sanitation, public awareness, research projects related to the sustainable management of natural ecosystems, etc.

Numerous actions and various groups already exist, but volunteering is one of the tools that can accelerate and amplify the number of collaborations between stakeholders. There is a lot of complementarity between international volunteers and national volunteers, who are often in a position to provide a first concrete response to environmental conservation.

A few figures

In 2019, 126 French international solidarity volunteers were involved in missions directly related to the environment, which accounted for 6% of missions.


Projects related to the environment

Some emblematic initiatives and projects


FORESTS aims to protect forest areas threatened by human activity (timber trade, bushmeat, hunting, subsistence farming, etc.) and to preserve and promote sustainable livelihoods for local communities.  Funded by the European Commission, this action is part of the EU Aid Volunteers 2019 initiative for a period of 3 years, from December 2019 to December 2022….