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Making the commitment concrete

This stage takes place once the needs have been defined with the local partner organisations. It lasts about two months. It includes:

The joint development of mission descriptions

The joint development of mission descriptions with partners to publish a vacancy to those who may wish to apply. Particular care must be taken to ensure that the principles of non-substitution for employment and applicants’ eligibility conditions are met (e.g. no national applicants in the countries of assignment, minimum and maximum age at the time of signing the contract, etc.).

Information and guidance

  • sector stakeholders: informing stakeholders in international solidarity, youth and development, local missions and national volunteer agencies (in partner countries). The mission vacancy is published for at least 15 days on the France Volontaires and French Civic Service Agency and sometimes on certain specialised websites, depending on the skills sought.
  • the general public about the different forms of volunteering available and the mission vacancies to be filled. In order to promote a mix of profiles and the accessibility of the schemes for as many people as possible, communication must be made with audiences who have little access to these opportunities.


you need to:

  • define the conditions of eligibility,
  • clarify the roles in the selection of applicants (shared by the partner and the dispatching organisation)
  • identify the skills required
  • as well as assess the applicant’s motivation to volunteer and their ability to sustain this experience abroad.

Some organisations have a selection process that does not necessarily involve the publication of vacancies, but rather create a talent pool and select on a voluntary basis. The choice of assignment to a specific mission then takes place in a second phase.

There are differences between the different volunteering schemes.